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Re: How to STOP Firefox from detecting my location

Ralph Fox
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On Mon, 14 Mar 2011 22:28:42 -0600, in message <(E-Mail Removed)> Removed) wrote:

> When I load google in firefox, on the left side of the page it's
> showing my (approximate) location. The weird thing is that this tends
> to randomly change to several nearby towns and cities.
> Anyhow, I am not at all comfortable with this. It's an invasion of
> privacy, and this is NOT being determined by my ISP location, because
> my ISP is nowhere nearby.

Sites can get the location of your IP address from any of several
databases. And the IP location they get does not have to be the
location of your ISP's headquarters. These databases may know
how your ISP allocates its IP addresses geographically.

From your headers, your IP address is

> NNTP-Posting-Host:

Your ISP is "Ace Communications Group" which has its headquarters
in Houston, Minnesota.

"" thinks your IP address is in Waukon, Iowa.

MaxMind thinks your IP address is in Harpers Ferry, Iowa.

"What Is My IP Address" thinks your IP address is in Eitzen, Minnesota.

Geobytes thinks your IP address is in La Crescent, Minnesota.

> I was told that Firefox has this capability to track people. I cant
> find any settings to disable it. How do I disable this?

You want to read this:

However, even with 'geolocation' disabled, sites can still use
your IP address to guess *your* location.

> I should
> mention that even with cookies disabled this is showing up.
> Additional question, is this being detected by google too? How are
> they getting it?
> I'm using the latest 3.6.15 version of FF. I have it installed in
> Windows 2000 or Windows98 (with special software to run it).

Kind regards

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