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What do I need to know in order to write a web application in python?

Grant Edwards
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On 2011-03-05, ErichCart ErichCart <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> Visual Python seems to be exactly what I want. But it doesn't seem
> very popular. Perhaps it means that there are not many people who will
> be able to help if I have problems with it. Also judging by the amount
> of ads at, it also doesn't seem very serious.
> I looked into pyGTK, and I found something called "Glade", which seems
> to be something similar to visual python. The latest version of Glade
> was released just this month, so it seems to be actively developed.
> Regarding Boa constructor, it is very old, isn't it? The latest news
> from this project date to the end of 2006. I don't expect it to
> support python 3 any time soon.
> So, "Glade", is this what everybody uses? I mean programmers don't
> just use text editors to make GUI applications, do they?

I've been doing (mostly smallish) GUI programs on and off for 20
years, and that's all I've ever used. I tried the point-and-grunt
method a couple and found it to be time consuming and the results
to be bad (resizing never worked right).


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