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AW: Pure python standard library and License

Markus Schaber
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First, sorry for sending an HTML message to the list, this was not

I now found out that
does actually explain which part of the software is covered by which
part of the license, but contains a different subset of licenses than
the LICENSE.txt - two of the differences are the Berkeley part, and the
windows binary build part.

This is just adding somewhat more confusion...


Original Message:
Betreff: Pure python standard library and License


We want to include IronPython in one of our products, including the pure
Python part of the python standard library. It seems that the IronPython
installer packagers simply copied the pure python part of the standard
library (the directory tree of .py files which is installed by cPython
and IronPython installers in the lib/ subdirectory) from cPython.

Now, this directory comes with a LICENSE.txt which contains a
conglomerate of several licenses, and for us (and our Lawyers), it is
not entirely clear which part of the license applies to the pure Python
part of the standard library, and which applies to other files (like the
Berkeley Database license).

Our current understanding is that all the .py files which do not contain
any explicit mentioning of a license are covered by the Python licenses
(the first three licenses of the LICENSE.txt), and that e. G. the
Berkeley Database License only applies to the bsddb module which is
implemented in C, and thus is currently neither included with nor usable
from IronPython.

Is there anyone who can confirm this interpretation?

Maybe the LICENSE.txt should clarify somehow which of the licenses
applies to which part of the software.

Best regards

Markus Schaber

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