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Telstra Clear Motorola connection to Cisco SRP527

Geoff Geoff is offline
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Hi - firstly i am not a computer expert and trying to get a wireless network running. I purchased an SRP527 however the provider I was to connect to was unable to provide a useful service once we connected to him and then had to disconnect.

I am now with Telstra Clear cable internet. I would like to connect to the SRP527 through port 4 which says WAN/LAN to the motorola surfboard SB5100i. The tech that configured the cable said it should work (as he departed).

Firstly is this possible or am I wasting my time with the 527 or what config should I have? He gave me the IP, Gateway, Subnet and Primary and Secondary DNS.

Any help would be great. Geoff
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mchoo2005 mchoo2005 is offline
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Admittedly I've never seen (let alone used) Cisco SRP. However, the 4 ethernet ports are typically assumed to be "inside". Hence, if you plug your Surfboard directly to one of those ports, without further configuration, you'll basically be bypassing the firewall function.

Based on my experience with other Cisco devices, it *may* be possible to configure one of those LAN ports as "WAN", but this would most likely involve the following (at minimum):
- Disabling the ADSL port
- Creating multiple VLANs (2 at minimum: 1 for "WAN", 1 for "LAN")
- "WAN" VLAN configured to obtain IP address via DHCP (from TelstraClear)
- "LAN" VLAN uses private addressing that you assign yourself (192.168.x.y, or 10.x.y.z)
- Configure the firewall to treat "WAN" VLAN as "outside" interface, and "LAN" VLAN as "inside" interface

HTH... somewhat...
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