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Intialization and fill of an array of structures of type data

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The following program contains an array of structures of type data_t. The declaration for the variable ‘d’ of type data_t is given. Write logic into the main program to allocate memory for variable ‘d’ such it contains an array of 500 elements, each of type data_t. Don’t be concerned with freeing the memory or testing the return value of malloc for NULL. Then, write function ‘f1’ to fill in each of the 500 elements of the array such that the integer field ‘ival’ has the values 1-500 for array indexes 0-499 respectively, and the string field ‘sval’ contains the string “$1” – “$500” for array indexes 0-499 respectively. The call for function ‘f1’ is given at the end of the main program.

Hi All,

Need some help... kinda stuck with an segmentation error. Much Appreciated!
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