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The Death Of Open Source

Lawrence D'Oliveiro
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Andrew Keen on Internet Evolution

So how will today's brutal economic climate change the Web 2.0 "free"
economy? It will result in the rise of online media businesses that
reward their contributors with cash; it will mean the success of Knol
over Wikipedia, Mahalo over Google ... Hulu LLC over YouTube Inc.... The
hungry and cold unemployed masses aren’t going to continue giving away
their intellectual labor on the Internet in the speculative hope that
they might get some "back end" revenue. "Free" doesn’t fill anyone’s
belly; it doesn’t warm anyone up.

When, in 50 years time, the definitive histories of the Web 2.0 epoch
are written, historians will look back at the open-source mania between
2000 and 2008 with a mixture of incredulity and amusement. How could
tens of thousands of people have donated their knowledge to Wikipedia or
the blogosphere for free? What was it about the Internet that made so
many of us irrational about our economic value? It was a "mania," these
mid-21st-century historians will explain, like the Dutch Tulip mania of
the 1630s or South Sea Bubble of 1720 -- a mania that ended with the
great crash of October 2008.

Not a single thing he said came out anywhere near right
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