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Net Neutrality - Sign EU Petition - Do it or lose it!

The Natural Philosopher
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David Woolley wrote:
> Andrew Gabriel wrote:
>> At the moment they are looking to the information providers to fund the
>> carrying of the traffic for the heavy users. This is moving from one
>> broken model to another broken model in my view.

> On the other hand, I think it is questionable whether the internet would
> have ever become mass market if it had been volume charged.
> Packet Switch Stream's X.25 was designed by telephone companies, with
> billing as a major consideration, and was charged by volume. It never
> achieved the mass market. X.400 was technically sophisticated, but
> never hit the mass market, because different operators weren't prepared
> to operate the inter-carrier settlements, needed for accurate financial
> control.
> IP was designed with no consideration of billing at all. It succeeded
> because end users were charged a flat fee, when it hit the mass market,
> and, in particular, were not charged for email volume.

Yes, but I don think the failure of the X.Blah protocols was due to the
costing models.

Neither is it true to say that there is a volume cost to supplying an
Internet: In fact at the final far end of the food chain, nearly all the
costs are one of capital costs and are simply not related to volume
whatsoever. They are related to CAPACITY.

Two routers and a fibre connecting them capable of 8Gbps cost the same
to run and to install whether there is 0bps or 8Gps going through them...

The fact that people CHARGE volume at the bottom of the food chain,
means that this is reflected up the chain.

Its only when volume causes new capacity to be needed, does it actually
affect costs.
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