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Meanwhile, at the uk.telecom.voip Job Justification Hearings, Removed) chose the tried and tested strategy of:

> Finding one's number is the difficult bit, and yet again I can't work
> out how to do that. The website is wholly useless on that
> front.

How about a polite email to Siemens? You never know, they might just update
their website based on consumer feedback. Bit of long shot for a
multinational conglomerate, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh?

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Arriving on the screen two years later but there might still be interest in this thread.

As for finding your own number give this a try: Dial 11188#9
It will display your number and nickname.

Each Gigaset device seems to come with a number on - I was wondering if you can apply/obtain an addition number on that domain to add to a non Gigaset piece of kit? Clearly to use with a SIP phone which might require additional information such as a password.

Any feedback would be welcomed.

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