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Hi, this is my first post and I have google'd a fair amount and have found no specific answering to my question but I think I know the answer(no).

Anyways, I have two identical routers (2wire 2700HG-E they are also the modem) and am hoping I can get the to broadcast the same wireless signal. Basically I am attempting to make one of the routers a repeater without actually having to spend money.

I see that there is a WAN port on both of them and have a very vague understanding of what WAN actually is. The only thing I know is I will have to change the IP of one of the routers as you cannot have them have the same address.

I am fully prepared to run the wires for the other router(I know that you cannot have both plugged into a phone line at the same time as my isp does not allow me to have two separate running ip's(If I connect a second the other one disconnects)

My problem is I get low to no service on the other side of my house (which is where the only other phone jack is in the house) I hardwire to my main computer and ps3 and don't want to run long wires for both from the other side of my house(which would make the wireless bad on this side as well).

The only other idea I have(spending money) is buy a actual router because I know isp provided wireless/router modems aren't all that good. I would wrather not spend money as I assume I could just as easily spend the money on a repeater.

Simply put, can I do this yes or no? If yes without buying anything how?
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