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Perl timing while accessing serial port

vrushali vrushali is offline
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I am using RS-232 to communicate between PC and a device using UARTs. I am using a script in the PC that, keeps sending commands (CMD1 in a loop) to the Device till it responds with the right response (CorrRsp). On receiving this response subsequent commands (CMD2) are sent to the device. The device has stringent timing constraints and must receive CMD2 within 20 ms from the time it sends the CorrRsp to the PC. The issue is I am not able to get consistent results. Some times CMD2 is received at the device end within 20 ms but sometimes not. The script used and the test results that shows the inconsistency with the timing are copied here for reference. Please help me understand if the inconsistency is due to the script or the OS. As the device is tested and certified as stable.


use Win32::SerialPort; 
use Time::HiRes qw(usleep);

$PortObj->xon_limit(100);     # bytes left in buffer
$PortObj->xoff_limit(100);    # space left in buffer

$PortObj->read_interval(2);    # max time between read char (milliseconds)
$PortObj->read_char_time(1);   # avg time between read char 
$PortObj->read_const_time(2);  # total = (avg * bytes) + const 

#writes the settings into the port

$PortObj->are_match("CorrRsp", ""); # correct response for CMD1

my $gotit = "";
until ("" ne $gotit) {
        $gotit = $PortObj->lookfor(100); #blocking read
        $cmd= "CMD1\n";  # CMD1 Send in loop till CorrRsp is received 
        $microseconds = "600"; 
        usleep ($microseconds); 

$cmd= "CMD2\n";

$mydata1 = $gotit; 

undef $PortObj;

Test results for time difference between CMD1 and CorrRsp:
Test1: 116 ms;
test2: 105 ms;
test3: 69 ms;
test4: 79 ms;
test5: 97 ms;
test6: 69 ms;
test7: 99 ms;
test8: 76 ms;

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ztech ztech is offline
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Hi, I invoke ( gettimeofday tv_interval ) instead of (usleep).
I have pretty good timing results now. I found out usleep gives up the time slice, which results in long-unwanted waits when milliseconds do matter.
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