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Problem in Java - Interface and passing methods as parameters

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I was wondering how to put a method as a parameter in Java. I know there are other posts about this but I can't make sense of them (something to do with interface, right?). I'm relatively new to Java so I just know the basics. The reason I need to be able to do this is because I'm making an interactive story with each section being its own method. In pseudo-code I want it to be something like this:

public class Interactive_Story {

void Choose(Takes methods a and b as parameters){
if (user input=="a"){
Execute method a
if (user input=="b"){
Execute method b

void Start(){
Output beginning of story on the console.

void main (String[] args){


I hope you see what I'm trying to get at. If you have any ideas or informative links please post them as soon as possible.

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