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I created my first web service 2 days ago in VS 2008 and was thinking about consuming it when I came across the following questions about web services:

1) My web service Test Invocation page(canned page which comes as a part of .NET framework) does not displays any sample HTTP GET request\response messages. The only messages it displays are of HTTP POST, SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 . Shall I assume that web services are some how not encouraging the use of HTTP GET protocol for calling them?

2) To make an HTTP-POST call through browser, I created a sample html page. Can I do the same to make sample HTTP-SOAP call as well? If yes, would the response be in SOAP format? Can anyone send me such an html page.

3) How do we send Host Header information while make a call to web service through a browser?

4) Why do we call it a 'HTTP-SOAP' call when we make a call to web service using POST method(<form method='post'/>)?

5) Why HTTP-SOAP takes precedence over HTTP-GET and HTTP-POST?

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