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Re: System Idle Process

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James D Andrews wrote:

> Windows XP SP 3
> I'm trying to fully grasp the role of System Idle Process and what it can
> reveal about what's happening.
> After reading up yesterday, I got the impression that (in the most
> simplistic terms) System Idle Process fills in the blanks when no other
> processes are running and that it is not uncommon for it to grab a big chunk
> of CPU to do this.
> Now, when another process is called on, shouldn't System Idle Process
> relinquish control over this asset, drop off and allow the new command to
> take over?

System Idle process has no resources or assets to relinquish. The total
for usage of all processes is 100%. Obviously not all processes consume
all of the CPU. The System Idle Process is the *remainder* of what
hasn't been used so the total of all processes is 100%.

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Please stop spamming the newsgroup with your personal choice for an NSP.
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James D Andrews wrote:

> P.S. I have no control over any header or source label put on by my NSP.
> I'm sorry about that, but I either get that on my msgs, or no NSP. I have a
> long list of free NSPs, but most are subject specific, don't allow posting,
> or prove to be unreliable.

Of the free NSPs, Albasani and Eternal-September are tops. No binaries
though if you were looking for the dark side of content. Both are free
but you do have to register to get a free account that you use to login.
That is, unlike AIOE which is an unregistered free NSP, Albasani and ES
are registered free NSPs (plus they don't have anywhere near the
restrictive quotas of AIOE).
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