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Re: BSOD caused by SpyWare

Dan C
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On Tue, 04 Jan 2011 21:52:12 -0500, ~~Ashley~~ wrote:

> My mom's Windows 7 (64bit) laptop was infected with 'fake antivirus'
> spyware.


> About the same time it started BSODing which I figured was related to
> the infection.

Ya think?

> I removed the spyware with MalwareBytes and DrWebCureIt and it appears
> to be completely removed, but she is still getting the BSOD.The BSOD
> started at exactly the same time as the infection so I don't think it is
> a hardware problem.

Good thinking.

> The BSOD is:
> Stop: 0x0000000A
> I did run a RAM test and it is OK.

Why wouldn't it be?

> No peripherals are plugged into the computer. Nothing new was installed
> recently.

Well that's good.

> I would have liked to do a system restore to a previous time but for
> some reason (virus) system restore was disabled and she doesn't have any
> other type of backups.

For "some reason"? Why?

> Googeling the BSOD some articles say it can be caused by a corruption of
> the HAL section of the registry and suggest running a registry repair
> program (but don't give any names of what they used)
> Any suggestions, short of doing a complete reinstall.

I'd uninstall/reinstall the video driver.

If that doesn't work, format the HD and start over.

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