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Re: Legal analysis of wikileaks

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§nühw¤£f wrote:
> Summary of Argument
> Whistleblower sources and the journalists who publish the classified
> information that they receive from them form an inseparable and indivisible
> conjunction at the intersection of the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the
> Press Clauses of the First Amendment and the Equal Protection
> Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and the selective prosecution rule. In other
> words, there is a sacrosanct relationship that must be protected
> between whistleblowers seeking to inform the public about government misconduct
> by revealing classified information to journalists and the
> journalists who acquire that classified information and publish it in service
> to the public's right to know what its government is doing.
> crime/

People with access to classified information sign an acknowledgment form that they
understand they could be committing treason by revealing certain information. This
remains in force even after they leave the govt employment.

Believing that secrets hide misconduct that should be revealed takes a leap of faith
that history and the courts will agree with you. A belief does not create a
"sacrosanct" layer of protection, ever.

If you want to do the "crime", be prepared to do the "time" - that's what takes
courage and I do believe the leekers have demonstrated that courage.
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