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Can an ImageButton be a table cell background for a nav?

Bruce W.1
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I'm trying to put together a horizontal tab nav in a User Control, and I
want to have some mouseOver behavior. This could easily be done with
just CSS, however hyperlinking this way (client-side) would lose session
state, right? So I can't do this.

I was thinking that a mouseOver on the link text would just make it
bold, or change color.

I'd like each tab to be prettier than just a different table cell
background color, more like a manilla folder tab. That means an image
as the cell background.

An ImageButton would provide all the link functionality needed, except
without the client-side CSS mouseOver behavior.

The only way CSS updated text could appear on top of an ImageButton
would be if the ImageButton was a table cell background. But then the
ImageButton would not be clickable, right? It would lose the ability to
do a Response.Redirect or Server.Transfer in the code-behind.

Another option might be to skip the CSS updated text and just use an
ImageButton which had mouseOver behavior. Can an ImageButton have
client-side mouseOver behavior?

What's the best way to do a nice looking tab nav in a User Control?

Any suggestion on solving this dilemna would really be appreciated. Thanks.
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