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Copyright Crackdown

Bucky Breeder
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Meat Plow <(E-Mail Removed)> blubbered this out there:

> On Sat, 27 Nov 2010 11:34:01 -0500, olfart wrote:

> security-dept-seizes-domain-names-
> Illegal downloads of music have wrecked the recording industry.
> But I think DHS should be chasing illegal immigrants first.

I think DHS should be rounding up all the Negros and put
them back on boats for Africa where they came from and then
everybody's taxes would go down a bunch when the wefare
tar-babies are back over in their precious Motherland learning
to farm and get a job and some stuff like normal people do.

Smelly fat Negro bitches with lots of babies buying Cadillacs
with their welfare checks and standing in line at all the
Red Cross and Salvation Army outlets for the free food and
Santa toys for their illegitimate kids... it just ain't right,
I tell ya... It just is NOT right!

Negros' "Rap" has wrecked the recording industry because
1) they steal and call it "sampling"; 2) Negros don't spend
money if they're not selling any crack; 3) Negros smell-up
a legitimate business and run all the White people off; then,
4) See #2...; 5) If you rent a house to Negro, when you
evict them because they don't ever pay the rent, you have
to get a cleaning company to steam the Negro out of the
woodwork and floors before you can rent it again...
Go for them DHS, do something useful that doesn't have the
st00pid color code alerts. "Condition = PURPLE", Bwhaaaaa....

And illegal Mexicans too. They have their own country now.
Salma Hayek can stay... She's probably mostly White and
Christian too... at least until her boobies start sagging...
Then DHS needs to periodically review the rules.

And what about those Jewtards? I mean they OWN the movie
and recording businesses... then they take all that money over
to the Israeli lands and spend it on helicopters and rockets
to kill all the poor, innocent Muslim peoples who are only
trying to get ahead driving their taxis and running their
convenience stores, even having Christmas sales when those
heathen basturds don't even believe in the Baby Geezus, they
just like to take the money for their suicide bummers and all
that kind of mayhem... WTF are THEY doing over here? GTFO!

And fat girls... they can GTFO too. At least girls with
naturally hairy parts can shave, but fat girls don't even
get better after the GI surgeries... they just get fat again
after a little while and then have fat little girl babies
who get depressed and go on the welfare and make more little
fat depressed girl babies... It's a cycle... G T F O!!!



I AM Bucky Breeder, (*(^; and this free speech message
was transmitted through the Draconian censorship blockades!

Repent! The end is near.... So, smoke 'em if you got 'em.
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