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Re: beautiful font

Jukka K. Korpela
Posts: n/a
heretic wrote:

> Segoe UI
> I love it!
> Any comments - pro & cons?

Segoe UI has many nice features, but as its name suggests, and
briefly explains, it's a User Interface font - for button texts, navigation
menus, short messages, text input boxes, things like that. It's probably too
simplistic for copy text, and when bolded, it gets very bold, which means
that it isn't that great for headings either. Problems of emphasis are
increased by the nature of italic variant: it is admittedly a true italic
(e.g., italic "a" is of a different design than normal "a"), not oblique or
slanted, but it is not really different from normal text in a manner that
makes it appear highlighted.

It's designed with ClearType smoothing mind, and it may get ugly without
such smoothing, e.g. in old systems, especially in sizes > 10pt. And on the
Web, you can't control what font rendering features are in use.

Typographic design issues include poorly designed quotation marks that look
like inch signs, not curly quotes, and left and right quotation mark are
almost identical. Similarly for single quotation marks. Some diacritic marks
(like acute and grave) are horizontally somewhat oddly positioned (not
visually on the vertical midline of a character). The en dash is often too
close to adjacent characters. The euro sign looks rather awful, with the
horizontal strokes too far from each other; then again, the euro sign in
general is a typographic nightmare.

On the positive side, 0 (zero) and O (capital letter o) are very different,
and so are 1 (one) and l (lowercase letter l) and I (capital letter i). This
is good e.g. when displaying or entering a code, like a user id or product


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