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Re: Skype on Mobiles in UK and Abroad

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Meanwhile, at the uk.telecom.voip Job Justification Hearings, TheScullster
chose the tried and tested strategy of:

> Our sister company in the States has discovered that they can install the
> Skype app on their mobiles and get cheap Skype-to-Skype calls.

How are they doing it? Cellular data, wifi or iSkoot/Kalaida [like Three's
free Skype]? Three offer free Skype so perhaps that's your best bet.

> My boss has suggested that we should follow suite, but I am coming up with
> more questions/brick walls than answers.

Suit, not suite.

> Talking to our O2 support contact, the network does not support Skype on
> any device that has a SmartPhone or Blackberry bolt-on. In other words,
> if you receive corporate email, you can't use Skype!

O2 shouldn't need to do anything to "support" Skype, as Skype is quite good
at working out what sort of connectivity it has and functioning accordingly.
So that means either their network isn't good enough to carry VoIP, or
they're actively doing something to block it. Or it might mean that it'll
work fine, just don't ask them for help if it doesn't. Have you tested it?

> The only option would be to connect via a local Wi-fi hotspot rather than
> the network. This doesn't sound particularly flexible/convenient for
> travelling workforce.

If your telco doesn't work for you, bin them. You can be certain they won't
show you any loyalty so why extend the courtesy to them?

> Does anyone have a good solution for global travellers, based in the UK,
> who require Skype connectivity?

Given that roaming data is going to be unpleasantly expensive, finding
reasonably priced wifi in the country where you want to use it is probably
your best bet for Skype. Or a local SIM with a good data plan - but good
luck figuring that one out: it's hard enough trying to fathom out what PAYG
SIM gives good value data *in the UK*, never mind the vagaries of a mobile
network overseas.

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