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Re: Bus 'facewhack' again!

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Artcinco wrote:

> Path: ...!!not-for-mail
> From: Artcinco <(E-Mail Removed)>
> Organization: Happy Tard Factory
> Message-ID: <(E-Mail Removed)>
> NNTP-Posting-Host: (Earthlink)
> X-Trace: sv3-4GMyZ9pBt0ZXtDIY0bfWVS0Wz2ymL+a2p52wjIxppyJ9FF8KPY 3RWxq9l3apzV3ZPUb8mHNzvGA6goM!UzutUQTs3umI8UkpGUBW g90tIq5bpxjic0EzgZ7C43mqFNLnHDXKkEdovuz7TCdCYu3iaH 2fLrrp!Rlov9D7fqDVzM3aYeNZguXk1mJOPw/+i/jNJs1KKER4+cpI=
> WeReo_BoY wrote:
>> I inadvertently whack this brother in his face.

> Should have shot u'r PERVERT'd CANCER'd PIG ASS if he's known what a
> demented PEDOPHILE u are u SICK UGLY BUM

A poor attempt to insult from one who is overly preoccupied with kiddie,
bestial, and anal sex. You'd be lonely if he had shot your sex broker.
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