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Re: IP address dispalyed on desktop , how

Bucky Breeder
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> Id like my ip address to b permantly displayed on my desktop
> somehow , updating ..say every 5 mins or so , and capable of
> being COPY/PASTE
> im tunning XP
> any ideas

You could have problems if you're using a router...

But not with this one:

Google for one you like better. Your IP is normally
not going to change in the middle of a session. You
could just launch the interface, then bump the button
everytime you think about it and see what kind of
patterns you perceive; then go from there. Perhaps,
use a macro to bump the button every 5 minutes; but
likely, you'll find you don't need that at all.



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rather, you should view the world in terms
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This would immeasurably bring *much* more
stability, peace and tranquility into your life.

I could help you with that... but...
I really just don't like you that much.

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survives the apocolypse on Murray Povich staring at DNA child support.)
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