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Re: My plan of action

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"Brian Christiansen" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:ib9l27$532$(E-Mail Removed)
> "Brian Christiansen" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:ib9jup$vrd$(E-Mail Removed)
>> The following is my plan of action, based on what I know about the
>> situation, suggestions made here, and some research I did on the
>> internet.
>> 1.. Back up all critical data to a memory stick, CD, whatever.
>> 2.. Get computer running as best as possible using the following steps
>> 1.. Remove windows XP and revert back to 98, or
>> 2.. Do a clean install of 98 if the old recovery disks are still
>> around
>> 3.. Determine what the computer is used for and remove all software
>> that does not support that purpose or reinstall all software the supports
>> that purpose.
>> 3.. See what can be done about connecting to the internet after those
>> things are completed.

> This sucks - I prematurely hit the send key again - actually I hit
> <ctrl><ret>, and apparantly that is the shortcut key for sending - I
> thought it would do the same as in my word processor.
> Well, anyway I will report what I have found about getting a more updated
> computer and the prices: The best price on a new computer that I could
> find was about $300 - that was on the dell site, and was a system without
> a monitor(the monitor that is there now could be used, or at least I think
> it could). A refurbished (or "off lease") computer that is much more
> powerful, and newer, than what the church has now can be had for less than
> $150, and if I recall correctly, there were some actually available for
> less than that.
> I did not drive around town to pawnshops, etc, but I did look on
> craigslist to see if there were any recent model computers for sale
> locally. I did find some that were even cheaper than the refurbished
> models. And who knows, perhaps if the seller knows he is selling it to a
> church, he might reduce the price even further? Or even make it a
> contribution for the tax deduction?
> Brian Christiansen

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