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Re: Help with 3CX

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"Nigel" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:ib5qub$3la$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Hi,
> I am trying to set this up after re-reading Graham post about it.
> What I want to do is:-
> Ring skype and using 3CX transfer the call to their which in turns
> transfer it to the Fritzbox ( which will give me a dialling tone) which
> will then use justviop to make the telephone call.
> At the moment I have got the 3CX skype add on and that works great. I can
> get the call to 3CX but I can't figure a way of transferring the call to
> the Fritzbox trunk I have created!!! When I phone the skype number it
> transfer to the 3CX and I just get a woman's voice saying press the star
> key to leave a message and do something else for an operator!!! If any one
> has any ideas that wpould be great I have tried lots of things but no
> setting seems to work.
> Thanks
> Nigel

Apologies for the phantom post earlier!

I tried 3CX a little while ago for this kind of thing but I found it was
unsuitable becaose of its
lack of real DISA. This is what I posted here about it at the time:
it did give me the opportunity to master 3CX, it seemed quite promising and
Skype gateway just worked first time, but in spite of it's apparent
configurability it
doesn't currently have any proper DISA support.
The best I could do is dial a DDI set to go into the auto-attendant
999 for remote voicemail retrieval
200 (a dummy extension I set up)
9 for extra options
3 to make an external call
then the number

You don't get any call supervision tones while you are waiting, just music
on hold.

So I am still using the "hybrid" solution I describe in
Hybrid, because it is half hosted and half on a local machine.

I'm not sure why the Fritsbox needs to be part of the chain, the same
justvoip trunk
could be in an additional place, eg a pbxes trunk.
Perhaps you want the call to emanate from your own IP rather than a shared
one to
get your full Betamax free call quota, what I can't get my head round at the
is whether or not using the Fritz hardware as a gateway in this way allows
it to be used
as an ATA simultaneously.



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