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Should You Buy Store Brand Canned Goods or Brand Name?

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Should You Buy Store Brand Canned Goods or Brand Name?

With America in a push to save money in all areas, the question looms
whether you should purchase store brand canned goods or brand name
items. The answer is: both. There are both pros and cons of purchasing
store brand items versus brand name items that includes more than just

When to Buy Store Brand Goods

Many store brand canned goods for basic items such as canned
vegetables, frozen vegetables, and basic supplies (sugar, flour, etc.)
are just as good as or better than the name brand items. Often, these
items are canned and/or packaged in the same location as the name
brand items making them the same exact item. If you are planning on
using the item in a recipe with other ingredients, consider using
store brand items. (After all, a can of corn is still a can of corn,
despite the label that the can might have.) Other items that can
usually be purchased in the store brand name with little or no
difference are baking supplies and mixes, pastas, vegetables (canned
or frozen), and canned fruits. For basic cleaning items, such as
bleach and dish soap, this is also a good alternative.

When to Buy Brand Named Goods(http//

However, when it comes to certain items, brand names are better. For
example, if you are purchasing baked beans for a family barbeque, a
brand name recipe would be a far better purchase despite a little
excess cost. Many times these brand name recipes vary so much between
brand types that a store name item does not begin to compare. Salad
dressings, seasoning mixes, pasta sauces, salsa, and anything else
that has a specific brand recipe or style should be purchased by brand
name. Laundry detergents, heavy duty cleansers, and automatic
dishwashing soaps should also be purchased by brand name, as often
times store brands do not have the same disinfecting abilities as
store brand cleaning products. Meats should also always be purchased
by brand name, as these companies often have more safeguards in place
to secure safe FDA meat handling practices.

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