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Re: limewire is gone ..where now

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Information wrote:

> my occasional download of music via limewire
> is now gone
> where do i go now

Napster, Pirate Bay, Limewire. Who ****ed this all up? The users of
these services that abused these services to distribute copyrighted
content; otherwise, no one would've cared about file sharing services.
So thank your own community for shooting themselves in their own
collective foot.

1999: Napster Released
2000: Gnutella Launches
2000: LimeWire Launches
2001: Napster Shuts Down
2001: Kazaa Launches
2001: BitTorrent is Released
2003: The Pirate Bay Launch
2006: Kazaa Fined, Goes Legit
2010: Court Ordered Pirate Bay Injunction
2010: LimeWire Closes

Frostwire (which is an open-source fork of Limewire) is one alternative.
Of course, there is no guarantee that Frostwire is free of the bogus
sites, malware, and spyware that plagued Limewire and probably is or
will get worse than Limewire. Obviously the choices are waning as the
e-pirates and those that enable them come under legal fire. The seas
got swept of pirates so very few left now. Same now for e-pirates.

If the fervor continues, eventually just having the illegal content on
your host will make you legally liable, just like having kiddie porn
means you can be prosecuted for its possession. That means, if the laws
get worse or its enforcement tightens, that the FBI, Mussad, Yard or
whomever with authority could be operating nodes in the P2P network to
trace the other nodes, issue subpoenas to hold the ISP's logs, and a
couple of guys in black come knocking on your door. ("They're Coming to
Take Me Away",

Oh, you thought I'm stretching the truth for humor? Well, for us
Americans, did you think 20 years ago that our Constitution would get
dismantled (Victory and Patriot Acts, 1 & 2), merging of the police and
military (via legal crippling of Posse Comitatus Act), and a Prez who
wants a *mandatory* "voluntary" civilian military (Ready Reserve aka
Brownshirts)? More **** is coming. Incrementalism and long-term fear
mongering works very well. I'm just extrapolating from recent history.
Pretty soon we'll all be wearing ankle tracers (except they'll be
injected subdermal tracers).
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