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Re: orcon

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On Sat, 30 Oct 2010 17:10:45 +1300, Anony Mouse <(E-Mail Removed)>

>(E-Mail Removed) wrote:
>> I have just seen the news item about orcon losing customers' email
>> records.
>> I am curious to know how many people here store all their emails and
>> contacts on their isp's server?

>I think there is nothing like stabbing an enemy when they are down.
>Orcon suck big time and so does Scott Bartlett, Audrey Watts and Craig
>Bartlett tossed his toys out of the TDR cot.
>Audrey Watts fabricated evidence (To which Orcon has admitted), made
>threats of complaints to the privacy commissioner, threats of a
>complaint to the police and criminal legal action and threats of civil
>legal action against me. None of which were ever carried out,
>furthermore I took Orcon through the TCF/TDR disputes resolution
>process and then the Disputes Tribunal and a district court appeal.
>I did not have the benefit of legal council therefor my case was not put
>in the way it should have been. None the less Orcon did not come away
>smelling of roses. My biggest failing was not citing the NZ UCE act when
>Orcon accused me, without offering any evidence that that occurred, one
>of New Zealand's most vocal anti spam activists, of inciting others to
>spam them and used their C U clause to tos me.
>Craig Whitemore, Orcon's senior network administrator, is enshrined in
>Internet history. If you are in the know you will know why.
>Mr Whitemore is the owner of this out of date hate site, hosted on Orcon
>IP space, most likely for free, targeting people and companies whose
>only offense was to do what the law allowed in New Zealand at the time.
>He was also partly responsible for Brendan Battles being vilified in the
>press and Mr Battles losing his job. Not that I have any love for Mr
>Battles the email address harvester and publisher of Master Disk 2000.
>Orcon is a wholly owned company of Kordia Ltd who have been in a long
>running dispute with NZART over market rate rental for hill top repeater
>sites, an important infrastructure asset used in case of natural disasters.
>The outcome of this dispute is that many of the amateur radio repeaters
>that were located at Kordia sites have had to be or are due to be moved
>to different sites at some considerable cost to the amateur radio clubs
>that maintain them. Amateur radio is bound by international
>law/convention that basically says that amateur radio can not be used to
>make money and all amateur radio clubs as well as the national
>organization, NZART, are non profit organizations. Kordia were demanding
>over $25 thousand dollars a year from a non profit organization.
>But wait there is more... As founding secretary of the Wireless Data
>Forum, now the Wireless Data and Broadband Forum, part of ICT NZ, and
>given I am an amateur radio operator with knowledge of Kordia's history
>and foresight of what may happen (Year 2000), I urged the then committee
>of the WDF not to admit Kordia to the WDF and that is the way it stayed
>for three years. The WDF did not want the government, Kordia, to have
>undue influence in the fragile partnership between the many players in
>the WDF.
>My personal opinion is that Orcon is not good faith player in the
>industry as born out by the fact they are not willing to play by the
>rules other ISP's play by and I firmly believe that Orcon/Kordia set
>about harassing me as pay backs for the minor role I played in the
>industry and possibly wrongly thought I was also involved in the dispute
>with amateur radio. I ran a web site that sold electronic components for
>the Auckland VHF Group Inc (How the group help pay for repeaters and
>licenses) and the person who was involved in talks with Kordia is a
>honorary life member of the Auckland VHF group. Indeed my email went
>through Orcon servers at the time.

A wonderful diatribe, but very little of substance.

Can you supply proof of the claims you have made? To an outsider,
they seem like sour grapes. While you may have had a disagreement
with them as a member of NZART, you do need to backup your statements
with some evidence.

By the way, I don't use Orcon as my ISP, I would just like some
clarification of your claims.

Cheers, Rhino
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