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Stylistic note on loops

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Ken Wesson wrote:
> Java's MOVE CORRESPONDING is java.util.hashmap. If you store the records

There is no such class. Perhaps you meant 'HashMap'. Case matters in Java.
And there are many other implementations of 'Map'.

> as hashmaps (or .properties files or any similar key/value format) when
> on disk or in transit you get a similar effect.
> These days though the need MOVE CORRESPONDING addressed is probably
> handled by your RDBMS in some way, instead of in your client code, if
> you're using modern tools.

There are lots of reasons to keep key-value pairs in memory, or to eschew
database systems in favor of other persistence mechanisms, "these days". If
you're using modern tools.

In fact, "these days" people are reinventing old-fashioned tools
("object-oriented" DBMSes, NoSQL) as if they were "modern". And RDBMSes have
been around for too long to consider them "modern" any more. These different
techniques - object-oriented (or "network") storage, in-memory maps, key-value
persistence - are all quite venerable and the decision points between them are
quite well established.

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On 11/21/2010 02:28 AM, Ken Wesson wrote:
> You and I seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot -- I'm not sure why.
> I am sure of this: the tone of your post is arrogant, condescending, and
> borders on being rude and mildly aggressive. I'm mystified at what I
> might have done to provoke such an attitude in a response.

I am aware of no such "attitude". People read what they want to into posts, I

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