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Re: IE Connection Keeps defaulting to proxy!

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On 10/15/2010 5:27 PM, John wrote:
> Does anyone know why Internet Explorer 8 on my computer keeps changing
> the connection settings and defaulting to a proxy server?
> Every time I have started the computer and opened explorer I get "the
> page can not be displayed" error messages.
> I have to go into Tools\ Internet Options\ Connections\ Lan Settings\
> where I then have to untick the "use a proxy server" box each time
> before I can then start using IE and getting different web pages up.
> Once I have unchecked it and selected "automatically detect settings"
> I then okay it and come back to the connections tab. The Apply button
> is blanked out however. It only gives option of "OK" or "Cancel".
> Anyone else had this issue and how do you permanently fix it so you
> don't have to keep going through the same process every time you have
> switched on your pc?
> Thanks,
> John
> XP Pro (32-bit) SP3

You have a bug that keeps changing the proxy setting. Try Malwarebytes
anti malware:;contentAux

Dload, update and run quick scan. Delete all entries it finds.
Good Luck
Tee Jay
ps I have come across a Google Redirect Virus that required
to remove it.
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