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I Had A (Tech-Support) Dream...

Lawrence D'Oliveiro
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On 16/10/10 22:25, Lawrence D'Oliveiro wrote:
> <>

Ring ring!

"Hullo, how may I help you?"

"Can you please restarted the news server daemon on the server
'christie' for me?"


"That's what the other guy said fixed my problem last time".

"And what was the problem last time?"

"I couldn't read the newsgroups".

"And this time?"

"I can't receive any emails".

"OKayyy. But the news server has nothing to do with email"

"Just please do it. I have an urgent email to send."

Thinks: "I'll do it, it won't work and we can move on". Restarts news

"OK, I restarted the news server. How's it looking?"

"Perfect! My email has gone now. Thanks so much!". Hangs up.





The ends justifies the means - Niccolň di Bernardo dei Machiavelli.

The end excuses any evil - Sophocles
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