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[ANN] Qizx 4.1 released

Olivier Ishacian
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Qizx is an embeddable, high-speed, native XML
indexing and query engine written in Java(TM),
with the querying and processing capabilities of
a fully fledged XML Query implementation.


What is new in version 4.1:

* Qizx Server can now be installed in a few clicks
thanks to a control tool that supports https, user
accounts, handling of Windows services and firewall.
This tool uses a bundled Jetty 7 server.

* Support of more XQuery 1.1 features: function items
(functions as objects), switch, standard try/catch,
trigonometric functions.

* Support of non-XML documents: any kind of text or
binary data can be stored in Qizx databases in a
new type of document.
Metadata properties can be set on non-XML documents
and queried in the same way as for XML documents.

* Scalability improvements: Qizx 4.1 has been tested
on very large databases (> 100 million documents) and
A new "XL" build allows storing very large XML
documents (over 2 Gb and up to 1000 Gb).

Please visit
for more details.


Qizx is available in several editions:

* The commercial product has 3 liberal licenses
both for corporate application development, and
for royalty-free distributable products.

* The Free Engine edition is a fully functional
version of Qizx which can be used for developing
or in production. It is limited in database
size (one Gigabyte of XML approximately).

* Qizx/open is an open-source version of the XML
Query interpreter of Qizx. Qizx/open has been
available since 2003 and is recognized as one
of the fastest and most advanced XML Query

Qizx Free Engine can be downloaded from

Qizx/open can be downloaded from

Qizx customers, please upgrade using this form:

(The above form is usually accessed through

Please visit for more
information about Qizx.

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