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Re: GRAHAM :-)

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"Information" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> "I actually use the same system myself to ring two, sometimes three mobiles simultaneously.
> You can also ring them sequentially, in a hunt-group.
> You may have heard of Asterisk and Trixbox, a Linux based PABX, my solution is based on
> this functionality, but the good news is that you don't have to build a box.
> For your modest requirements you can use a free hosted PABX account at
> So first sign up for an account.
> Now we need a couple of VoIP trunks. Probably it's best if you got one with the same STD
> code as the landline that will ring along with the mobile, get that from
> again this it totally free, including the phone number.
> The last thing you need is a VoIP trunk to make the outgoing calls from the virtual PBX to the phones
> (multiple calls can be made simultaneously from a single VoIP trunk)
> You could use the same Sipgate trunk as above for the outgoing legs, you would just have to credit
> the account with money, but they charge 10p/min to call a mobile whereas smartvoip charge half that,
> so I suggest you get an account from and apply 15.75 Euros credit by Paypal.
> If this is the way you want to go, let me know and I will talk you through setting up the five things
> you need to configure in the pbxes account, these being
> The two trunks
> Inbound route
> Ring group
> Outbound route"
> .................................................. .................................................. .
> I have signed up with PBXES , and successfully have "GREEN LIGHT" connection apprently with
> Sipgate - standard landline number
> voipuser - 0844 number
> voipfone - 0560
> Currently i cant find a "dummies" guide to PBXES ... and to be honest i dont fully understand
> what it does ........ or I should say what its functionality is ...
> 1) is PBXES a forwarding service ? for example a caller calls the sipgate number and it can be
> forwarded to voipuser / vopifone ...could you clarify this
> 2) im not sure , should i be using my grandstream 2020 or my nokia N97 to CONNECT via SIP to the
> PBXES server to get calls
> 3) please be aware of the functionality i am AIMING for , my main aim is to be able to receive
> landline calls on a mobile for FREE ... i have successfully managed to use my mobile to
> connect to voipfone via 3g and wifi with great quality calls , I guess if i can forward for
> free the sipgate landline number to voipfone i then essentially have a free landline on a mobile
> ..yes ? yes ? (except for cost of data)
> Also I ould liek teh voipfone to multiple call both a grandstream 2020 and a mobile which
> is logged in
> Phew , sorry is that clear ? at all ?

If I understand what you want correctly then yes and yes.

Try this for starters, you may have sussed some of this out yourself but we'll go from
first principles.
In pbxes create your Sipgate trunk
Trunk Name: the 6 digit Sipgate username (usually the last 6 digits of the phone number)
User Name: Again, the Sipgate username
Password: the 8 character Sipgate password (mixture of numbers and upper-case letters, not the one for logging onto the website)
leave all other fields alone

Create an inbound route
Trunk: the same name as your Sipgate trunk (6 digit username)
Regular hours destination: select the "SIP URI" radio button and input Removed)
substituting your 8 digit voipfone account number.

That's it, anyone dialling the Sipgate geographic number should ring whatever device(s) are
logged on to voipfone. Not that in this instance no device is required to be defined as
an extension in pbxes, we are calling via a sip address and it should find its own way to the

Not sure if this is useful to you, after all the caller could just as well be given the 056 number.

If you can define a second trunk with an account that has credit for making PSTN calls
we can develop this to call landline and mobile phones simultaneously.
Your existing voipfone account should do the trick.



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