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Java 1.4 vs Java 1.6

cartfredri cartfredri is offline
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im just going through a research at university and just wanted some advice on java. Bassically i wanted to know why java 1.6 features offer better and improved functionality than Java 1.4’s features.
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thornmath thornmath is offline
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Java1.4 is quite old, so just in general - when you have software that is frequently updated, using a 4 year old product is a bad idea. Here are a few specifics:
1. Java1.4 and earlier didn't use generics or autoboxing. So if you have an ArrayList of Integers, you cannot simlpy do list.add( 78 ) since 8 is an int. You need list.add(new Integer( 78 ));
With generics we can create an ArrayList of, say, Student objects, and then the .get method returns Student instead of Object.
2. The Scanner class makes it much easier to quickly parse data from a text file or the command line.
3. Annotations are supported in 1.6
I found this very helpful when creating a web service or web application.
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