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Re: changing SIP ports

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(06/10/10 16:34),
> Hey ho.
> Random phone funnies are going on once more....
> It has come to my attention that running an ATA such as gigaset box on
> the LAN side of a VOIP-enabled router (Draytek vg2910) may give a
> conflict of services even though I have no accounts on the draytec set
> to register.
> Would it be an idea to change the SIP port of the Gigaset from the
> default 5060 to something else?


> likewise the RTP ports are 5004-5020 can
> this range be changed?

Yep again

> There is an option on the gigaset box to use "random ports" might this
> be a better option?


> Cheers
> Pete

Change the SIP port to 5070 and the RTP ports to 10000-10100, and
forward all UDP traffic on those ports to the Siemens' IP.

Remember also to use - where possible - an Outbound proxy, and not to
have registrations refresh too often.

By default, the "Registration refresh time:" on Gigaset is 180 seconds,
that means that by RFC the refresh is made at 75% of that, so one
registration every minute and a half or thereabouts. Too likely to fail.

I set that parameter to 600 or even 1200, and the "NAT refresh time" to
the maximum of 999 - you don't need it if you open the ports on your router.

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