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No earpiece ringtone or voice (on pickup) on Betamax VOIP

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(11/10/10 21:03),
> On 11/10/2010 19:41, Gordon Henderson wrote:
>> I think we shouldn't be afraid of spammers, etc. just get on with
>> what you need to do and let their email go to waste.

> Yep. I'm still using the same e-mail address after 11 years too.
> Technology and hardware has improved significantly as has spam filtering
> through the likes of spamassain etc.
> I drop all server quantified SPAM to a gmail address which I
> occasionally check, and have out rightly blacklisted e.g. anything from
> .ru .cn etc waht little gets past then gets filtered by Thunderbird.
> my Gmail box has a 30 day rolling spam content of 5000 to 6000 messages
> but this doesn't cause any server loading at all.
> Let the hardware and software do their job. the worse SPAM gets the
> better the filtration gets.
> :)
> Pete
> --
> for Commercial Gym Equipment and fitness stuff.

You see Pete, I'm not concerned at all for spam - I'm a really old dog
at this and I know my ropes - but I'm seriously concerned with the
mental health of some frustrated little trolls that scour Usenet up and
down to find a flame war to start, and they get so incensed in their
little pointless wars that I seriously question their mental health.

I don't want to give these little frustrated spotty kids an excuse to
get out of their mum's basement to head off for my office to vent their
unstable mental state rants.

That's why I've been closing a balance about my presence in this NG, and
it strikes me like a hammer blow in the face that I gave so much in
return for nothing.

My time is immensely more valuable, so is with great regret that I'm
bidding you and the NG adieu.

I know the trolls will now rejoice for their Final Victory, and take
this as a retreat. Feel free to think what you want, the loss is yours,
not mine.

I get more time for my business, my family and my children, and at the
same time get rid of some annoying little pimples.

It's a win-win for me...

Don't bother replying, I'm already unsubscribed.
Bodincus - The Y2K Druid
Law 42 on computing:
Anything that could fail, will break at the worst possible mom%*= ?@@
# Access Violation - Core dumped
# Kernel Panic

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