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Re: Something ---Warning Posting Police have Struck!!

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Who gives a ****.

If you don't like it, don't read it and
move the **** along.

"Mike Easter" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
Jim Zambelli wrote:

> ((In my case, I don't care. I forwarded a copy of the email as I
> received it. Simply put, the content was worth sharing and only a
> moron would have trouble deciphering any of the technical glitches
> that came with it.))

I don't understand why you don't care.

I disagree with your concept that only a moron would have trouble
reading it in its condition. Maybe you are accustomed to reading
something like that. I would never read an article of that length in
that condition.

You think 'everyone' would read it and I think 'no one' would read it.
(Exaggerating the extremes to make a point.)

Obviously /you/ read it, so that isn't no one. But I didn't read it, so
that (also) isn't everyone.

Here's where we can disagree with each other and wonder who is the
closest to being correct and perhaps resolve - or at least explore - our
differences. You think a lot of people would read it in that condition.
I think a very few people would read it in that condition. We can ask
the readers here how many of them -1- did read it in the condition you
posted it -2- would be more likely to read it in the condition I posted it.

> ((Obviously you read it despite the awkwardness of how it looked.
> I guess "they" thought correctly.))

I did *not* read what you posted. I 'looked at' what you posted so that
I could search for it to read it in a better condition.

> ((This may come as some surprise, but making a format a top priority
> in passing along posts isn't part of many people's game plan.

I believe that part of what you say is correct -- many people pass along
all kinds of junk to one another. That doesn't make it right.

What if you could clean up something in just a few seconds?

> I don't particularly care with the way some of the posts appear when I
> receive them, but I don't let it bother me. If the content is interesting
> (to me), I'll get through it. If the content isn't worth it, I'll
> pass.))

If I were passing along something to someone else, I would like for it
to be in a readable condition. If someone sends something to me that
isn't readable and I want to read it, I will reformat it to make it

Mike Easter

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