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Re: Did You Ever Notice...?

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On Thu, 30 Sep 2010 08:25:36 -0500, James wrote:

> Did you ever notice that companies advertising image devices on
> television (like cell phones, televisions, computers) all say
> something about how great their image is, yet also say the image shown
> is simulated?

Not the image itself, how they do it is, most likely is what they mean.
As commercial production recording equipment causes interference with most
tv monitors, they'd have to use special filters on their equipment. Those
ain't cheap.

When TechTv was around, they used those filters and got a truer picture of
the computer monitor. They even showed the guy on the floor working it

Of course, off camera, they can manipulate those images any way they want.
But I always find these ads laughable because there is no way in hell you
can truly compare their images to their claims, on YOUR cheap tv monitor.

Like they're selling LED tv's right? How can you truly see that image on a
standard ancient CRT?
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