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Re: AOC Monitors

Lawrence D'Oliveiro
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In message <i8b2pc$m87$(E-Mail Removed)>, Bruce Sinclair wrote:

> In article <i83fh4$hgf$(E-Mail Removed)>, Gib Bogle
> <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>>Inks, paint etc are absorbent - they absorb light of most wavelengths and
>>reflect the rest. The little dots on the screen emit light with a
>>specified wavelength band. These two processes are very different, and
>>this is why printers need CMYK while screens need RGB.

> Oh, I know why they do it, but have yet to hear of the mapping between the
> spaces being anything except a problem.

The main problem really has been that printer inks and pigments just don’t
have the same wide range of colours (gamut) as emissive devices (display
screens). It is quite possible for image-editing software to restrict its
on-screen display to the smaller printed gamut. Then you get fidelity to the
printed page, at the expense of the colours no longer looking so good.
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