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WANTED: C++ class generator for XML input, uses libxml2

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I am trying to track down an open source code generator that will
create C++ classes when given an XML schema (XSD). I would like the
generated code to use libxml2 to do the XML parsing. I wonder if
anyone here knows of such a generator. I could not find one in the C++
library/tools list produced by Nikki Locke.

The tool needs to be cross-platform. I am using Windoze-XP with Visual
Studio 2005 (please don't laugh). For portability reasons I also try
to compile any new code with GCC (via cygwin).

I have found XSD, which generates code that uses xercesc. This is
close but not close enough.

I have also found XBinder, which does exactly what I am looking for,
but is proprietary. This may have to do if I cannot find an open
source product.

I also also aware of the serialisation tool s11n. Unfortunately this
does not do what I want since there is no code generator (AFAIK).

I have already sent this question to comp.lang.c++.moderated. It was
suggested that this group might yield better results. It certainly
seems to be all things XML


Andrew Marlow
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Joe Kesselman
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DFDL? ( I don't know whether
there's a C++ implementation which specifically uses libxml2.

Websearching for "XML data binding" will probably find other tools, but
DFDL seems to be getting more uptake than most.

Joe Kesselman,

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yogesh.deshmukh yogesh.deshmukh is offline
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Hi Andrew,

I'm also looking for same type of code gerrator . Please please let me know if you have got any
tool for the same.
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