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Fried PSU and mobo

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Hello all, I'm trying to get to the root of a recent computer headache. About a week and a half ago my 4.5 year old PSU went up, so I ordered a new one and popped it in yesterday. Nothing happened when I turned on the machine, so I double-checked the new PSU and it works fine. I tried jumpstarting the MoBo to make sure the problem wasn't the power switch, but it's not responding at all. There are no signs of damage on the MoBo, and I haven't been able to ascertain the status of the rest of the hardware in the machine. Right now I have two questions.

1. Was it most likely the PSU that went up and fried the MoBo or the MoBo that went up and fried the PSU?

2. What's the best next course of action? I'm guessing I'll have to completely replace the MoBo and processor, but money is tight right now and I'm all for a cheaper options (especially if I have to replace more than the MoBo and processor).
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