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play sound on Ubuntu 10.4. (pulse audio?)

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From a python script I'd like to play sound on Ubuntu 10.4

I made two attempts:

the first one is drectly writing to '/dev/audio', which works, but only
if no other application plays audio (like for example amarok)

The second attempt was playing audio via ALSA.
The application doesn't fail, but I can hear nothing

Now I don't know how to continue

More details below

1.) write directly to /dev/audio

def Beep_dev_au(frequency, duration, amplitude=10):
sample = 8000
half_period = int(sample/frequency/2)
beep = chr(amplitude)*half_period+chr(0)*half_period
beep *= int(duration*frequency/1000)
audio = file('/dev/audio', 'wb')

the function works well and beeps if no other application is playing audio.

When running it while for example amarok is playing audio, it will fail

IOError: [Errno 16] Device or resource busy: '/dev/audio'

2. Accessing audio via ALSA
import alsaaudio
def Beep_alsa(frequency, duration=1000, amplitude=1):
sample = 44100
pcm = alsaaudio.PCM(type=alsaaudio.PCM_PLAYBACK)
half_period = int(sample/frequency/2)
beep = (chr(0)+chr(amplitude))*half_period+(chr(0)*2)*hal f_period
print "L",len(beep)
beep *= int(duration*sample/half_period/2000)

for idx in xrange(0,len(beep),320):
frm = beep[idx:idx+320]
if len(frm) == 320:

this function doesn't raise an exception, but hear nothing.

I'm a little lost.

As far as I understand Ubuntu uses the pulse audio system by default.
(That's probably why ALSA is not working)

What would be the correct way to play audio on such a system or even better.

What would be the way to detect how to play audio on a linux system
without knowing ufront whether the system uses pulse, ALSA or whatever?

Thanks for your suggestions.


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Tim Harig
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On 2010-09-11, News123 <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> What would be the way to detect how to play audio on a linux system
> without knowing ufront whether the system uses pulse, ALSA or whatever?

I would suggest libao:
and it's python bindings:
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