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Phono preamp in old receiver problem

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philo <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
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> see if your pre-amplifier has a switch to change it from
> ceramic to magnetic.

No. It is not even a real separate little preamp box, it's just
stuff on an early 70s circuit board. Fubar knows where it all is
and where it goes. Just the 2 RCA cables go in and then it's
anybody's guess - I am /not/ paying $15+ for a service manual.

> Otherwise...if are are very careful
> you should be able to put the ceramic cartridge in your
> working turn table

That's what I am going to try to do. Maybe. I am a little tired
of ****ing around with it, especially since I HAVE a perfectly
working stereo with a half-decent Philips turntable.

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I am doing project on AN ON CHIP AHB BUS TRACER.In that project some outputs were of high impedance state. my doubt is if a wire is declared as high impedance, what is the use of it? instead we can remove that wire from output,why to write program for that and declare it as 'Z'.
please clarify my doubt
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