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Re: Video editing software

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On Tue, 07 Sep 2010 16:46:54 -0400, Removed) wrote:

> I have a video tape, about 20 years old, that when I converted to .wmv format,
> was dark and the audio was slightly out of synch with the video. Does anyone
> know of a program that would allow me to brighten it up some and also
> synchronize the audio? Thanks.

Check these two out. I use video edit magic. It has 9 tracks so you can do
picture in picture stuff if you want. All kinds of neat stuff.

There are free editors but most of them have limits and may not have much
in the way of true editing features such as brightening the video as you

I would suspect that the reason for the sound sync problem is probably due
to the software you used originally. Using VEM you can capture the video
from the vcr and make a totally new video.
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