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is a typedef necessary?

Juha Nieminen
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Armen Tsirunyan <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>> * There was an example in another thread recently of a situation where
>> typedef seems to be mandatory. It's a completely artificial example,
>> of course, but I don't think it's possible to do without the typedef:
>> * * typedef int Integer;
>> * * (0).~Integer();

> If I understand correctly (and there's a fa chance I don't ) the
> pseudodestructor or whatever it's called is 'invented' so that generic
> code wouldn't bother that built-in types don't have destructors. If
> that statement was correct, then the typedef is not really NECESSARY,
> because the construct you wrote is somewhat equivalent to an empty
> statement.

It could theoretically become relevant if, for some reason, you used
a preprocessor macro instead of an actual template to do something which
requires explicitly calling the destructor of an object (and the type of
the object is given as one of the macro parameters).

Of course nobody would write code like that, but it's still theoretically
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