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I was in a foreign trade company in New York, a sales manager. Because
I often need to travel, a powerful laptop for me is essential.
However, the computers I used before can not satisfy my request in
many ways. However, I recently ordered an ipad online. I really feel
the prompt wireless Internet access speed, and the easy controlling.
Whatís more ,itís cheap .So I want to share the experience with you,
my friends.

Terms of quality, iPad is a new type of computer, can be run through a
simple interface similar to PC's complex software, large screen, it
also brings more. But iPad is a new type of computer, only after the
full experience and use, ,you can feel it is so convenient.

Terms of powerful e-book function, the iPad make a modern discovery,
iBook software in the App Store is also a free download through the
free software now, and as if I carry a small library daily with
updated best-selling book, making my reading full offun. Also read
the file is quite easy!

When I get iPad, first of all want to do is browse the web, and check
whether the virtual keyboard easy to use. In the new iPad screen, I
like the site has a good display. iPad's screen is 9.7 inches, while
the iPhone is only 3.5 inches. The iPad the wide side facing down will
go to landscape mode, the larger screen more convenient typing. I use
Facebook and other web page, select the picture or article for
browsing, but very comfortable!

In the video, and photo area, iPad's performance is very good. I can
watch HD video in YouTube, zoom mode is also very clear. Browse
pictures is also very easy .Slideshow is also very good to meet my
work requirements, built-in speaker can also play background music.

IPad's music player interface is simple and very convenient to use. In
particular, I think that reading better when the reading with the
iPad. Simple and comfortable, full of fun, so I experience the multi-
use benefits.
Game features: iPad can run all the App Store process. While waiting
for the metro I can play my favorite Need for Speed and MIB.COM so I
experienced the powerful entertainment features of ipad. In the spare
time I enjoy the short game fun!

On the electronic map function, ipad has a strong electronic map
function, when I drove away in a strange neighborhood, I will not need
the help of GPS, a ipad can save a lot of extra cost! It provided me
with many other applications also!

All in all, ipad has its own value, carry on business when deal in the
PPT, read e-books, search in the wireless network information, check
maps and other applications, will demonstrate the advantages of more
convenient. Ipad used, I have love it up. I will not use the other
laptop, since they can not meet the needs of my operation, and
company provided me with very good after-sales service . Cheap prices,
high quality service, so I'm very satisfied !
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