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"free" Optimum WIFI

Meat Plow
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On Sat, 04 Sep 2010 11:47:35 -0700, p4o2 wrote:

> On Sep 3, 10:45*am, Mike Easter <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>> p4o2 wrote:
>> > Mike Easter
>> >> Your wifi connection utility might be a 3rd party related to your
>> >> wifi hardware software driver installation or it might be XP's.

>> >> An important configuration is the Windows Zero Configuration
>> >> setting.
>> > I am on a DEll using XP.

>> Many Dells use the Intel PRO wireless interface.
>> > I can use the Dell software or Windows to get on the Libary AP but I
>> > do not want to have Optimum try to connect me first. Not a big deal,
>> > just a pain. Optimum did show on the Dell list (and I deleted it) but
>> > it does not show on Window's list?

>> You can disable the Win Zero Configuration function and configure to
>> use the IntelPRO.
>> Here is a .pdf manual for the IntelPRO. See page
>> 4
>> <q> Use Intel PROSet/Wireless as your Wireless Manager ... To disable
>> Microsoft Windows XP Wireless Zero Configuration as your wireless
>> manager: </q>
>> That section also tells you how to have the IntelPRO notify you when
>> the XP WZC starts.
>> --
>> Mike Easter

> OK On my trip to the library today... No potimum...
> Looks like I got rid of it by takeing it out of the Dell list.
> So Dell is my WIFI link not Windows.
> Thanks for the replies.
> ...Does the guy who said to reformat the hard drive say this all the
> time?

Yes, he's been punched out in this news group so many times he just
babbles the same thing over and over. Just feel sorry for him and ignore
the babble unless you feel like whacking him a few times yourself. He'll
reply with "Windroid" or some goof-azzed **** like that. Glad you got it
figured out. Been there done that until I realized I had two processes
trying to manage my multiple wireless connections.

Live Fast, Die Young and Leave a Pretty Corpse
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