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Vista taskbar small windows help pls

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"VanguardLH" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:i5q0j2$263$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Dribbler wrote:
>> On my Vista taskbar, when I pass the mouse over all opened windows, a
>> little
>> box pops up which I found useful.
>> However, the darned things stay open in miniature now and won't go away -
>> I
>> only wanted to glance at them not have them 'permanently' there! What
>> have I
>> done wrong as it never used to do that?

> What you are asking about is the Thumbnail Preview for the Windows
> taskbar. Google still works:
> which found the following articles:
> Are you perhaps confusing the thumbnail previews for the taskbar buttons
> with the previews shown when using Alt+Tab to switch between app
> windows?
> Or perhaps you upped the screen resolution. As the screen resolution
> goes up, everything gets smaller on the screen. Why? Because the DPI
> (dots per inch) setting has not changed. With more pixels in the same
> distance, a object painted using the same number of pixels will get
> smaller in size. You need to up the DPI setting to keep objects the
> same size. Only then are you utilizing the increased resolution that
> you paid for. By upping the DPI (after upping the resolution), you
> increase the number of pixels used to paint objects, like text. That
> means they become sharper. Go into the screen settings and up the DPI.
> Windows Vista newsgroup:
> You'll have to ignore or filter out probably just as many trolls,
> pueriles, and retards over there as is needed here.

Thank you very much for your help which has solved my problem. I did try
Google, but obviously didn't know the correct words to use.
You are much appreciated Vanguard!

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