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OT: " Microsoft, and Innovation"

- Bobb -
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just a pet peeve of mine - whenever msft tells me how great they are and
speak of their product line - NONE of it was their idea -all copies. As
illustrated perfectly by this MSFT employee's sermon.

Lotus begat Excel
Dos begat MSDOS ( they BOUGHT it , and swapped A: and C: prompts) ...
"Was Word the dominant word processor? No, it was WordPerfect. Did the
innovations stop then? No way. Did Windows always enjoy the market share it
has today? No - Netware was the dominant player for many, many years. ...
The Microsoft answer to the cc:Mail-dominated email environment was
Microsoft Mail, then Outlook and Exchange. The database world was dominated
by non-Microsoft products like Oracle and DB2. Microsoft’s answer was SQL

SO were it NOT for the innovation of the OTHER software companies ( Apple,
Wordpefect, Novell, Lotus, Realplayer, Oracle, Netscape etc) MSFT wouldn't
have ANY products. They take credit for these, yet they COPIED them, changed
them a bit and sometimes included them for FREE - to put the competition out
of business ! Unwittingly at first, Apple had msft write the code for the

Here's an EIGHT year old article that's still true

I COULD make a copy of the daily newspaper and hand them out of street
corners with MY flyers inserted but that's illegal - right ? So yes they ARE
big, but it is only because of them squashing anyone who comes up with a
competitive product. They copy it and sometimes build it in for free, saying
that it is "good for the consumer". True it is, but everyone that HAD the
innovation goes broke.

Even with X-Box, they lost money on every sale tying to get Sony out of the
market. Remember when Playstations were $300+ and then went to $199 ? It
cost MSFT $320 to make the box and they started selling X-Box for $150 to
get market share - Sony had to match it .. Sony broke even but msft lost
even more money per box. If that isn't antitrust them they should just
erase the laws from the books

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So, smite them with lightning.

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