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Re: Windows 7 question

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On 8/17/2010 12:33 AM Just to please that super-ego, Goat Boy <
Baaaaaaa! wrote the following tidbit of information:
> Seems a lot of you whiz kids went to Windows 7 here of late.
> I beta tested the thing it broke it right off...and stuck with XP.
> So why'd y'all go and do that? Just for the thrill of finding more
> Micro$uft bluescreens? Or do you all have two PC's and just play with
> 7?

Like you, on a very boring day I downloaded the RC of Win7 and installed
it on a separate HD from WinXP on the same PC. Curiosity was the main
reason for doing this. I bypassed all the **** in-between Win95 and
WinXP. WinXP being a very good workhorse I bypassed all the ****
between it and Win7. My Win7 RC has expired and it now says Illegal
Copy on the screen, but it still works. Win7 has a lot of bells and
whistles that I like, but for now WinXP is doing what I need and doing
it very well. As fast as MS turns out new OS I figure I will probably
be with WinXP for a few more RCs from MS. Having the latest OS is not a
life time achievement, it is just filling a never ending void in your
well-being, kind of like buying a new car every year that is nothing
more than a means of transportation. Good Luck.

Just West Of Nowhere
Enjoy Life And Live It To Its Fullest
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