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Big Troubles with Epson V750

kayko2000 kayko2000 is offline
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Hi folks,

New to digital scanning of film, and got an Epson V750 after reading a lot of good reviews.

I've tried scanning 120 and 35mm film (color negatives), and the scanned colors are way off. In both cases, the negatives are Kodak E100VS.

The first issue is that the colors and exposure are off. I've already got some photo prints, and the colors look fine there - even after I scan them (reflective) directly. In most cases, the photos involve highly-exposed (i.e. sun behind the objects) areas - so I'm not sure if that's throwing off the scanner.

I'd like to share some images to compare the photo scans and the film scans, but I don't have enough posts to share images and links.

I've tried with SilverFast and with EPSON Scan, and have the same results. I thought it might be because of profiling, so I created an ICM with EZcolor and the Monaco IT8 target included in the V750/EZcolor package (I THINK I did it correctly). But using the ICM in Epson scan doesn't give me better results.

I've also tried moving around the color and exposure adjustments, but I can't get it accurate to the developed colors. Besides, I just don't think the scans should be this far off. I must be doing something wrong...

I also do get some moire. So many issues...

Any advice? If this goes on, I might just have to send this puppy back!

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kayko2000 kayko2000 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 2
I'll put this in context first. The photos were taken by a professional photographer who used various types of films. He used both digital and film cameras - and we got the negatives and proofs from him after he was done the job. Now we want to convert those negatives into digital images, where they're still more useful to us in this day and age. In total, we will have to scan E100VS (120 and 35mm), VC400 (120 and 35mm), Pro160 (120) film negatives. For now, I've just tried the E100VS.

So, I've been using the Professional Mode with the following settings for those scans. Although I've tried a number of other settings as well.

Doc type: Film (with Film Holder)
film type: Color Negative Film
Image Type: 24-bit Color
Strangely, when I scanned my reflective photos at 48-bit, the JPG file information said it was still only 24-bit
Speed priority scanning: OFF
Resolution: 300dpi - 2400dpi (I tried a range because I actually want to enlarge - but didn't make any difference to the color)
Document Size: detected based on the film (120 / 135)
Target Size / Scale: 100%
Trimming: On

Adjustments (tried a bunch, but mostly looking at autoexposure, changing the histogram to see more shadows)
Unsharp Mask: ON (Medium)
Grain Reduction: OFF
Color Restoration: OFF
Backlight Correction: OFF
Dust Removal: OFF

Under Configuration, I only looked at the Color tab:

Source (Scanner): EPSON Standard
Target: sRGB
Display preview using monitor compensation: OFF

Using the histograms and color sliders, I haven't been able to get skin tone to look better than very pale.

My wife has fairly extensive experience with Photoshop, but we want to get the photos close to something we can work with so we just need to make a few tweaks and not spend all day on bringing back photos from overwashed scans.

Thanks a ton for taking the time!
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