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Re: definition for invariant and class invariant

James Kanze
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On Jul 30, 4:09 am, "(E-Mail Removed), India"
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> In the website found the
> following definition for 'invariant'
> Invariant(ComputerScience), an expression whose value doesn't change
> during program execution.

No you didn't. There's no definition on the page you cite
above, just a bit of text to disambiguate different entries.
Any definition would be in one of the entries (and the entry
which is referenced by the text you cite gives a complete

> For example, consider the following program:
> #include <cstdlib>
> #include <iostream>

> using namespace std;
> class Test
> {
> public:
> explicit Test(int arg = 0);
> int get(void) const;
> static int get_static();
> private:
> const int val;
> static const int s_int;
> };

> const int Test::s_int = 100;

> inline Test::Test(int arg) : val(arg)
> {
> }

> inline int Test::get(void) const
> {
> return val;
> }

> inline int Test::get_static(void)
> {
> return s_int;
> }

> int main()
> {
> cout << "static const int Test::s_int = "
> << Test::get_static() << endl;
> Test first(1);
> cout << first.get() << endl;

> Test second(1000);
> cout << second.get() << endl;

> return EXIT_SUCCESS;
> }

> In the above program, (from the above definition, I thought an
> 'invariant' is a non-static const data member and a 'class invariant'
> is a static const data member)

If I were you, I'd reread the page in question, then go to the
entries it references. In particular, for class invariant, go
to the page on class invariants referenced on that page.

If you read the text in the article "invariant", you'll see that
an invariant is always a predicate. Thus, in the above code,
"Test::s_int == 100" is an invariant.

> 'Test::val' is an invariant and
> 'Test::s_int' is a class invariant. Is my understanding correct?

Not at all.

> If I am wrong, kindly provide the definitions for the terms
> 'Invariant' and 'Class Invariant' with supporting program
> sample.

You might start by reading the articles in Wikipedia. The
Wikipedia may not be the best reference in the world, but in
this case, it does present a reasonably good introduction to
class invariants; the article on loop invariants is also worth

James Kanze
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